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Chaplaincy Appointment Feedback Form


(please complete and return as soon as you can after the interview has been concluded)


The purpose of this report is to enable the Panel to gather basic information about the process of making chaplaincy appointments.  This information will be used to inform the profession regarding diversity within the chaplaincy workforce, the degree to which employers are adhering to good practice in the appointment process and to highlight any challenges in appointing chaplains.


4.4. What band was the post Required

Dates need to be in the format 'DD/MM/YYYY', for example 27/03/1980.


6.6. What stage were you first approached to be the advisor Required
8.8. Was the advertised post for a specific faith/belief group? Required
a.8.a. Was there a genuine occupation requirement (GOR)?
b.8.b. Had an Equality Impact Assessment been completed?
12.12. Was the post offered to an applicant after interview?  Required
13.13. Did they accept? Required
14.14. Was any other candidate interviewed appointable? Required

Your answer should be no more than 10 characters long.

16.16. Was on-call part of this post? Required
17.17. Was uplift to salary offered for being on-call? Required
18.18. Were call-outs due to be paid or taken as time in lieu? Required

i.e. verbatim, CPD record or PowerPoint etc.